Open for business!

Doors opened June 1st and it has been a very busy month. For those of you who have yet to come in, I am posting the precautions we are taking regarding Covid 19:

*Make sure to wear a mask, of course.

*Please wait outside if anyone still inside for their appointment.

*If possible please wear a mask that goes around the ears and doesn't go behind the head. I will work around whatever you have to wear but that saves some hassle.

*The shop is large and well ventilated. I have whenever possible kept all windows open and an air purifier running. All tools are disinfected between clients, as usual, as well as the chair and other surfaces. A fresh clean cape is used for each person, and of course I am washing hands between every client and wearing a mask as well. This is largely what I have always done with only a couple of extra steps.

Hope everyone will feel safe to come in, and I'll see you soon!

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